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Surveillance Systems

Stay aware and assured with smarter cameras that show you precisely what you want to see.

A security camera system can help you keep tabs on your property. AOSS will help you select cameras that have the right viewing angles, resolution, low-light sensitivity, and control capabilities for your purposes. Some cameras connect to a DVR or NVR via a lengthy cable. Others connect wirelessly to a DVR or NVR or cloud storage. Wired systems may be more reliable, since they do not depend on your Wi-Fi signal.

AOSS's Cloud Video Monitoring solution allows your customers to see what’s happening at their home when they can’t be there. Video Monitoring integrates seamlessly with Alarm.com's smart solutions, or it can be offered independently for customers who only want Video Monitoring. With an extensive camera lineup that offers live views from anywhere and secure stored clip access at any time, our video solutions meet the needs of most customers.