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Design Services

Let our professional staff custom design a security solution tailored to your exact requirements

In a well-designed office or retail space, form and function are on the same team. Furnishings and appliances smoothly serve your employees and customers. You should expect no less from your security, audio and video equipment. But first you need a plan, and that’s where your Always On Security Solutions systems design specialist comes in.

For most solutions we can provide drawings for the system design so you can see what it will look like and for approval prior to installation. This way, we ensure we deliver exactly what you are expecting. You’ll be walked through the way the systems will operate, including any controls for automated systems. Our goal is always to ensure the security solution you end up with is designed and operates in a way that suits the exact needs of your site.

Let’s talk. Contact Always on Security Solutions today to speak to a design specialist who can design a plan just right for you. Get started today call (516) 559–7192.