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Access Control

Get control over who has access to your home

Always On Security Solutions provides Long Island customers control over who has access to their property and when with integrated control for door locks and garage doors. Equip your home with a customized, professionally installed and supported system - contact us today for a free quote (516) 559–7192.

  • Give access instantly: Let a visitor in and disarm your security system with a single command.

  • Stay in the know: Get alerted when your family arrives home, when someone's late or when you forget to lock up.

  • Lose the keys: Eliminate security risks with digital lock codes, customized with time and date restrictions.

  • Create unique lock codes to control and monitor entry into your home.
  • Ensure the doors are locked even when you are not at home.
  • Remotely open or close garage doors.
  • Receive alerts and actionable notifications if garage doors are left open.
  • Automatically have garage doors close when your security system is armed.