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Wellness Solutions

The future of connected care.

Our wellness solutions help you proactively manage the health of your community’s residents. Enterprise Wellness is an innovative, proactive caregiving tool for communities that protects residents’ wellbeing and helps staff deliver timely, personalized care. Caregivers will get real-time insight into each client’s current conditions and help identify potential emergent health problems.

This Enterprise Wellness Solution is unlike any other wellness solution available today. With advanced analytics that alert to non-routine activity and emerging issues, Enterprise Wellness helps improve care and efficiency.

Intelligent population management and community oversight.

  • Deliver the highest level of care
  • Enhance operational efficiency
  • Protect and grow your business

Customers Who Use This Technology

  • Senior Living Providers
  • Home Care Providers

Always On Security Solutions uses discreet wireless sensors throughout the living area..

  • Monitor Activities of Daily Living & Critical Events
  • Multi-Resident View at a glance
  • Real-time alerts to quickly respond to immediate needs
  • Detect nighttime falls, even when clients do not wear alert buttons
  • Intelligent analytics give you visibility to changes in daily routines and help you stay ahead of emergent health problems

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